Press Release —Local January 12, 2021

Multilingual COVID-19 info posters

Soap, 2 meters, mask - poster in Arabic.
Thank you for wearing a mask poster.
Thank you for wearing a mask in Finnish.

IOM Finland has produced multilingual COVID-19 info posters.

We have published clear and informative posters on coronavirus prevention in 17 different languages to reach as many people as possible. There are posters with two different messages:

  1. Thank you for wearing a mask.
  2. Soap, 2 meters, mask

There are two versions of both, and each poster comes in two separate files, one for printing and the other for web/digital use. The posters can therefore be downloaded according to the intended use.

"We want to support the recommendations and communication provided by health authorities. We all need reminders from time to time during this new normal. "The design in the posters is clear and the message is concise so that it's conveyed to as many people as possible", says Minna Savolainen, integration specialist at IOM Finland.

Posters can be printed and distributed freely. They can be placed, for example, on the walls of offices and customer premises in work and hobby places and in other suitable places. Web versions of posters can be shared via social media channels and newsletters, for example.

Download the posters here.