Facts and Figures (Global)
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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) works on the development of policy guidance for the field; the formulation of global strategies; standard-setting and quality control; and knowledge management relating to “mainstream” migration sectors, including labour and facilitated migration, migration and development, counter-trafficking, assisted voluntary return, migration health, assistance for vulnerable migrants, immigration and border management and overall capacity-building in migration management.

In addition, through the IOM Development Fund, IOM supports multiregional and global projects. This includes technical supervision of project review and endorsement to experts in the field, as well as operational partnerships with relevant governmental, multilateral and private sector industry partners in coordination with the Department of International Cooperation and Partnerships.

IOM Finland facilitates migrants’ integration, promotes development cooperation through diaspora engagement, provides assistance to victims of trafficking, and assists in refugee resettlement, family reunification and migrants’ voluntary returns. The operations of IOM Finland office cover Finland, as well as Sweden and Iceland.