IOM Launches a New Global Twitter Dashboard

Last year, IOM’s global social media accounts reached some 94 million users worldwide, 23 million of these on Twitter alone.

There's a well-documented evaporation of public trust in the world today and it's proving to be a major challenge to international organizations. In the current political climate, IOM’s narrative on Migration is also suffering.

Thus IOM's communications help answer the call for providing factually accurate, timely information and joining the public debate.

To increase the reach and acceptance of IOM's voice, we have been turning to our expert, globally-scattered professional staff to include social media as a key communication tool, especially Twitter. To this end, we have created a new global Twitter Dashboard on IOM's global website, aimed at leveraging the credibility and insights of our staff and missions:

The dashboard collates all the Organization's global, regional, special liaison offices, mission and officials accounts. It provides a single repository to external actors to the latest news about IOM's work all over the world, in particular our updates on migration.

The platform remains central to IOM's digital strategy, and it is easily accessible by journalists who are interested in our work.