Millions Assisted, Millions More Still in Need Two Years into Ukraine War, Says IOM 

Geneva/ Kyiv, 22 February – Two years since the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has supported 6.5 million people in the country and across 11 neighbouring countries, providing critical and life-saving aid to those most in need. 

“The destruction is widespread, loss of life and suffering continues,” said IOM Director General Amy Pope. “Through it all, IOM has been a constant presence in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, supporting a vast number of people fleeing for their lives. The needs are enormous, however, so much more needs to be done.”  

More than 14.6 million people – a staggering 40 per cent of Ukraine’s total population – remain in need of some form of humanitarian assistance in 2024, while 2.2 million refugees require assistance in neighbouring countries.  

During the two years since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, over 14 million people – nearly one third of Ukraine's population – have fled their homes. Families have been separated, children left homeless, and communities destroyed.  

Some 3.7 million people remain displaced within Ukraine, while nearly 6.5 million are refugees globally. Over 4.5 million have returned home to date from either abroad or displacement within the country.   

Working with government, UN and civil society partners both within Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, IOM's response has prioritized protection of the most vulnerable people. IOM is supporting recovery efforts in Ukraine by reconstructing housing, water and heating systems, and providing health care services.  

Donor support to this response has been unprecedented and IOM expresses gratitude for this invaluable contribution. In the first two years of response, USD 957 million was mobilized against the USD 1.5 billion funding objective. As the war enters a protracted phase, however, needs continue to grow and outpace available resources.   

“We count on increased support from donors and local partners to meet the challenges that lie ahead in providing a better life for Ukrainians,” says Director General Pope. “IOM commends the Government of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for their strength and resilience, as well as Ukraine's neighbours who are taking in those seeking safety. We remain fully committed to alleviating human suffering and helping recovery.”  

IOM will continue its role as a trusted partner to the European Union, the Governments of Ukraine and refugee-hosting countries to support people affected by the war.  


For information on IOM’s response, see the newly published Two-Year Ukraine Response Report,  

For information on humanitarian and recovery funding needs in 2024, see IOM's Crisis Response Plan for Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries.  

For information on internal displacement in Ukraine, see IOM's internal displacement dashboard.


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