IOM at World Village Festival

Helsinki – IOM will join the virtual World Village festival 29–30 May 2021. We can be reached at our stand in the UN Village. On Sunday, we will screen a movie about Rohingya refugees and host a related discussion.

Our Lost and Found – children who are forced to flee programme will happen on Sunday 30 May 12:50–13:50 during World Village festival. It consists of a screening of a short documentary about Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, where the protagonist spends his time looking for the parents of lost children to reunite them.

After the movie, there will be a discussion about the current state of the refugee camps after the recent fire, children’s position, the future of the refugee crisis, and other issues. The speakers are Manuel Marques Pereira from IOM Bangladesh and Jessica Möttö from UNHCR Nordic and Baltic countries. The moderator is Emma Rahikainen from UNICEF Finland. The listeners are encouraged to participate in the discussion via chat. The Lost and Found programme is jointly produced by IOM Finland, UNHCR Nordic and Baltic countries, UNICEF Finland and the UN Association in Finland.

You can meet IOM and other UN organizations and entities in the UN Village where you can enter freely. At our stand you have the chance to hear and read about IOM’s work, migration and the sustainable development goals. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

You can reach us best on Saturday from 15h to 18h and on Sunday from 12h to 15h (Finland time). However, you are invited to visit the village at any time during the opening hours (Sat 11–21, Sun 11–19). Welcome to take a stroll in the sunny UN Village and chat with us! Enter the UN Village here.

To access the festival platform, click here.

  • The festival is open for everyone free of charge.
  • Lost and Found movie and related discussion by IOM, UNHCR, UN Association and UNICEF on 30 May 13:20–13:50.
  • In the UN Village you can go from stand to stand and familiarize yourself with the work of different UN organizations and entities.


SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals