IOM Finland Has Published a New Handbook for Facilitators of Quota Refugees’ Cultural Orientation

Helsinki – IOM Finland has published a Handbook for PDO Training. The handbook provides support to trainers during Finland’s pre-departure orientation (PDO) for quota refugees.

IOM Finland provides three-day-long PDO to refugees that will be resettled to Finland as part of the country's annual refugee quota. PDO prepares refugees for their new life in Finland by equipping them with practical information on the country and with the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in their new environment.

The new handbook provides trainers with essential guidance related to preparing themselves for a PDO, using the Moving to Finland workbook during the training sessions, different training methods, and self-assessment tools to use after a PDO.

The handbook is meant to be an easy reference for trainers while planning for a PDO in Finland and when conducting field training. As each PDO will differ in terms of location, target group, training team and facilities, the handbook contains a variety of activities that can be utilized flexibly at different training events. The handbook also includes handouts which can be utilized as additional material for the participants when covering different training topics. The handouts are available in English, Arabic and Swahili.

The handbook has been developed as part of the “Pre-Departure Orientation for Finland-bound Quota Refugees (FINCO) 2018–2021” project, implemented by the Finnish Immigration Service and IOM Finland in cooperation with Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. The project has been funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

Read more about Finnish pre-departure orientation here.


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