Finnish Baby Aid Kits

IOM Finland has entered into a partnership with a Finnish company called Logonet to improve maternal health in Somalia with Finnish Baby Aid Kits. The Finnish Baby Aid Kit is a childbirth and nursing kit that is especially developed to be used in developing countries as well as in crisis and emergency conditions. The kit contains materials for childbirth and nursing a new-born.

IOM Finland has procured 400 Finnish Baby Aid Kits as a piloting initiative. These will be distributed to hospitals where the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education diaspora experts work in areas of child and neonatal health. Currently the host institutions that fulfill these criteria are Yardimeli Women and Children Hospital in Mogadishu, Hargeisa Group Hospital in Somaliland and Garowe General Hospital in Puntland. In co-operation with UNICEF Somalia IOM is now developing criteria for the distribution of the Finnish Baby Aid Kit for vulnerable populations. It will be used as an incentive to attend antenatal care, as well as to encourage them to deliver in hospitals or clinics where trained staff can ensure safe delivery.

The maternity package is a great Finnish innovation. It is, and it has been, a vital part of the maternal and child health concept and program that has placed Finland among the top countries in the world in terms of maternal and child health related issues. This concept dates to the late 1930s and is still very vivid, strong and contemporary. The Finnish Baby Aid Kit, a modification of the maternity package, is a kit of baby and maternity related products, including a childbirth kit. All the products are designed and developed to be used in harsh and extreme conditions i.e. refugee camps, humanitarian crisis, environmental and ecological crisis etc. This product is also applicable as a part of different types of maternal and child health programs in the third world countries.

The kit can be modified according to the different type of weather conditions, cultural criteria etc. It has been developed together with the help of medical and humanitarian aid experts.

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