25 Years in Finland in 2018

25 yearsIn 2018, we celebrated 25 years of IOM presence in Helsinki.

The agreement to open an IOM mission in Finland was signed in Geneva on April 22, 1993 by IOM’s Director General at that time, James N. Purcell and Antti Hynninen, Ambassador at Finland’s permanent mission to the international organizations in Geneva.

Hynninen was very active in working for the mission to be opened, as was also the Finnish government. That played a big part in the decision to chose Helsinki as the location of Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic states.

The office in Helsinki started very small, with just a few staff members, some international IOM staff, some seconded by the ministries that IOM cooperated with.

Cooperation with the governments is a central part of IOM’s work to establish good migration governance. Another important part is the hands-on work with the migrants that IOM Finland has done in many forms in different countries.

historyAs one part of our celebration we organized an Anniversary Seminar at the House of the Estates in Helsinki on May 24th, where we will talk about all that we have achieved but even more look into the future of migration movements.

Below you can find four excerpts from our anniversary publication if you want to read more about what has happened during the first quarter of a century of IOM Finland.

Part 1: Founding of the Mission

Part 2: Focus on the Baltics

Part 3: A Time of Expansion

Part 4: The Focus Turns to Finland


Download the whole 25th anniversary publication here.

Read the news article on our 25th anniversary seminar here.